Educator,                           Encourager!

Welcome! My name is Mimi Matthews and I'm a Passionista At Large--which means I'm  on the prowl for people to inform, inspire, and ignite!!

"Passionista" describes my zest for living and my intense desire to teach and inform. My passions and speaking topics are eclectic, and include:

*helping people understand the power that is theirs through      the choices they make

*encouraging them to step out of the "people-pleasing" box        and away from roles scripted by others

*helping listeners to understand how we believe lies, and              then change what they believe about themselves

*empowering women by teaching them about their bodies       and sexuality

My style of speaking is open (sometimes brutally honest about myself) and I often illustrate with personal experiences and wisdom gleaned from authors, friends, and the many women with whom I’ve shared.

Sessions are sprinkled with encouragement and a bit of humor.
My desire is for people to walk away with practical information, inspiration to take the next step, and the realization that “Mimi did it, so can I”. 





"Mimi! I'm grateful I met you during my time of life and career transition at 'Tuesday Tune-Up'. Your words/story-even the metaphor of birth transition with being in life transition--so brilliant and completely resonated for me, and ripping up the paper on which we had written down disempowering beliefs and then stomping on them--loved that too. Amazing how you had an entire room of business professionals choosing a healthy, safe way to let go of disempowering thoughts. Thank you for all you do, for who you are, and the ways you empower people--especially women. You are an inspiration!

With heartfelt gratitude and joy, Laura"