My diverse background (which includes being  an elementary school teacher for thirty-one years,

a preacher's wife, worship leader,  the only parent of two special-needs children, and a

consultant/sexual health educator) provides a unique platform from which to address various groups of women. Whether the gathering is spiritually, community, or educationally-based, I am able to speak on topics of relevance to many people.

Included in the richness of my life are two children with physical, psychological, and mental disabilities whom I adopted in 2002, when they were two years old and I was 50! They give me considerable (daily!) experience to address issues concerning special-needs children, single motherhood, and raising young children at “grandparent” age.

Passionista At Large is appropriate for:
Women’s Luncheons, Expos and Workshops
Health Fairs
Mother-Daughter Teas
Any Event where women may be successfully enticed

            to sit still for a minimum of 30 minutes!

Possible Session Topics:
"Bitter or Better: The Choice is Ours",
"The Power of Women: Education",
“Whose Sexuality Is It?”,
"To Thine Own Self Be True",

"Stompin' Boots" (Stomp Out Lies),
"We All Have Passion”,
“My Legacy: Pioneer-Spirited Women”


My life is bountifully blessed, and I’d like to share from my overflow into yours. If reading this has ignited a spark of interest and connection to your need for a speaker, please contact me so we can discuss the details. If you have a particular topic you need covered, there is a real possibility I could work with you. I’d be honored to be included in your event.


I KNOW that lives can be transformed by changing our thought patterns and making different choices and decisions. My desire as COE (Creator of Experiences) of Passionista At Large is to provide safe places and direction to help people begin this transformation.

Passionista Mimi